When I had my first reading with Sari I was actually a little skeptical.  But then, after the first year went by, I was amazed that over 90% of what Sari said actually came true in my life one way or another.  I also would say that I like that Sari comes from a very loving and spiritual connection from the inside, that during her reading a person can feel that she is completely connected with you.  She has a giving spirit and there is no question in my mind that she has a connection to something higher than herself.

Tom S.
Teacher, Writer, Producer
Middleburg, Virginia

I was intrigued by an article at the Washington Post about Sari.  I was thinking of having a tarot reading about a year ago, but was not really sure.  What I discovered in my experience with Sari is that it's not the cards that matter most, not that they are not precise - they are, but she is a comforting, kind, and generous person that you have fun spending time with.  I have consulted Sari several times, and I felt satisfied each time.  Although these are very personal, private experiences, I can't think of anyone having anything less.  She is an expert in her field, provides excellent value, and has impecable integrity.  She is GOOD!" 

Tulin D
Writer, Editor, Journalist
Washington, D.C.

As my soothsayer, I've come to admire Sari's clairvoyance.  I like the fact that in a serious confrontation with an opponent, I can say my clairvoyant is of another opinion and  as such I will do it her way.

Anthony L.
Real Estate Developer
Washington, D.C.

I can't imagine my life without Sari.  She has shared with me many stress management  techniques along with meditation to help me with difficult life situations that arise day to day.  Her extremely accurate psychic ability and her compassion and insight have helped me reach my goals and live out my dreams.

Jodi E.
Dental Hygienist
Baltimore, Maryland.

Over the years I have worked with many different intuitive consultants and clairvoyants but Sari is by far the best.  I started working with her in 2008 and continue to check in with her a couple times a year.  Her wisdom is accurate, profound and has guided me in making life decisions.  Her meditation CD's are very powerful as well and have helped me manage my stress and remove emotional blockages, as well as develop a sense of inner peace and clarity.

Sari is not only incredibly gifted at what she does but she is also an incredibly warm, compassionate, loving and generous person.  I have recommended her to my friends and family and will continue to work with her exclusively.  I am truly grateful to have her in my life.

Lex Ward
Hollywood, California

After having very useful intuitive readings with Sari over the past two years, I recently(April 2011) utilized her house-clearing services to manage a tenant that would neither move or pay rent. In less than 30 days, and as Sari indicated, the tenant "went packing."

I recommended Sari's services to friends and family members that are in need of her connection with the Great Spirit and her calming presence in conveying information that she receives.  She gets great results, is personable and an expert in her field.

Director of  Research
and Evaluation
Alexandria, Virginia.

I just received Sari's healing meditation CD.  Her voice is beyond belief - so serene, yet powerful and gentle.

Maren S.
Arlington, Virginia

Sari knew my soul mate was coning before I did.  She helped me open and prepare for his arrival  .

Jennifer A.
Phoenix, Arizona

I've benefited greatly from Sari'a talents and intuitive skills.  She is among the very best of any I've encountered, if not the best.  She amazes me constantly with her ability.  Plus, she is very kind and generous with her time and very special and unique talents.

Cassandra M.
Business Owner
Washington, D.C.

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