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20 Minute Reading

I use my gift of second sight to see what is happening in your life and how I can help you with any problem/problems you are having.


40 Minute Reading

I use all of my spiritual gifts - the 4 c's to help you gain perspective, clarity, light and love. Very in-depth and detailed.


60 Minute Reading

I use all of my gifts to get to the bottom of the problem and help you heal the issues holding you back. I also access the akashic records and your higher self to obtain soulmate and past lives information. I connect the dots and see how they relate to your specific blocks. I help you gain clarity and move on.


75 Minute Reading

I use everything in my spiritual arsenal to help you find clarity, peace, light and love. Very in-depth, specific and laser-focused on your needs. Helping you obtain peace and happiness is my number one priority. I use the information Spirit shows me to help you heal and remove the blocks holding you back from the life you truly want.


Guided Imagery Healing Meditations

Learn to heal yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually through telephone guided imagery meditations. Forgive yourself, a loved one or a situation. Learn to let go and let God take care of you and the problem. Learn different healing techniques. Just listen to my voice and begin your healing journey. We access your akashic records to heal your karma with others. Learn who you were, your karmic connections and the unresolved, toxic issues blocking you from creating the life you truly want.


Psychic Development Workshop

Unleash your God-given spiritual gifts such as Clairvoyance,
Clairsentience, Claircognizance and Clairaudience.
Learn to access your Higher Self and your intuitive intelligence. Learn to follow your God-given intuition and make right decisions about your life. Tap into your natural psychic ability. We all have it! And much, much more!


Soulmate Attraction Workshop

Learn how to draw back into your life the perfect person for you, the other half of your heart, your twin-flame partner. Your romantic, divine soulmate who has the keys to your locks and the locks to your keys. We will access your akashic records to find this person and learn to manifest him/her.