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15 /20 Minute Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyant 15//20 Minute Reading


30 /35 Minute Clairvoyant Reading

30/35 Minute Clairvoyant Reading


45/ 50 Minute Clairvoyant Reading

45/50 Minute Clairvoyant Reading


60 /65 Minute Clairvoyant Reading

60/65 Minute Clairvoyant Reading


Astrology Chart

Find out who you really are, and what is in store for you
in the coming year. Chart includes one-on-one
interpretation in-person or over the phone and a psychic reading on the information.. Also
available is a comparison chart with a loved-one
or loved-ones and a soul mate reading for both of you..


CD's - Soulmate Attrqction and Healing CD's

Learn to forgive and heal, emotionally and spiritually,
through guided imagery. I developed this CD
using techniques successfully put into practice
in my own life and taught to many of my clients.


Guided Imagery Healing Meditations

Gguided imagery meditations to heal yourself, a loved one
or a situation and learn tolet go and let God take care of you. I
Includes Color, Chakra and EnergyHealing techniques followed by a reading..


House and Space Clearing

"Clearing" can eliminate negative energies which may
impede the sale of a house. Let the white light and
the angelic forces dissolve negativity and make your
house more appealing to prospective purchasers.


Karmic Healing Meditation and Healing

Two hours - broken down into two sessions. Access your past lives and learn how to heal your karma. Learn who you were, who you were with and your connections with others. Heal toxic situations through past life meditations. Find True Love. Remove emotional blockages and old patterns.that prevent you from moving forward and having the love and life you really want - heal your past and change your future Guided imagery followed by a reaading.


Psychic/Intuitive Ability Development

Two hour worshop.
Unleash your God-given psychic gifts such as Clairvoyance,
Clairsentience and Clairaudience.
Learn to follow your intuitive intelligence.
Find God's direction for your life and help others.
Make right decisions using your Inspiration Channel
about your career, love, money and life direction.
Tap into your natural psychic ability. We all have it!. And Much more!


Soulmate Attraction Workshop

Learn to draw into your life the perfect person for you.
A romantic, divine soulmate who has
"the keys to our locks and the locks to our keys."
2 hours